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Направления для детей от 0 до 3 и занятия от 3 до 6 реализует ООО РБМЦ "Вершина"
Направление "Детский сад - школа" реализует ЧОУ школа - детский сад "Вершина Монтессори"

About US

We are glad to see you as online guests of our Montessori Child Development Center “Vershina”. We look forward to share this information with you.

Milestones we are proud to show:

1. Vershina, Montessori Child Development Center, is the first organization in Vladivostok that began to work in full cycle of Montessori child development and education.

2.  Vershina, Montessori Child Development Center, is the only Child Development Center where kids come as babies and stay with us till 12 years old. 


We run a number of Programs with over 30 groups of 8 to 9 kids: * Montessori Groups for kids from 0 to 3:

            Babies (a month to a year old); 

           Toddlers with Moms (8 months to 3 years old); 

           Toddlers-Selves (3 years old).  

     * Montessori Groups for kids from 3 to 7; 

     * Montessori Day care part-time groups.  


Our organization has a four storied beautiful building that hosts 4 Montessori Kindergarten full-time groups;


We are proud to have our Montessori Elementary School from 6 to 12;


Moreover, we supplement our kids and parents with professional Psychology and Counseling Practice;

All year round there are Development Activities groups for kids in the areas of music, vocal, art and crafts, dancing, all threaded together with Montessori approach for ages ranging from 8 months to 12 years old.


3. Vershina, Montessori Child Development Center, was successfully awarded Association Certification by Interregional Montessori Association of Russia in 2008.

Vershina, Montessori Child Development Center, acts as the studying grounds for Interregional Montessori Association of Russia.


Our Center provides extensive Montessori teaching studies and training with practical emphasis and awards multi-level certification for both teachers and Montessori organizations. The grand scale and variability of programs of the Center structure allows these teachers to obtain Montessori education hands-on experience at the highest standards. Thus, we are building our Montessori-spirited community step by step.




We are positive that every child is a unique talented personality!


And when we think initiative, responsibility, eagerness to learn, ability to sense oneself and make a choice, we know Montessori education is exactly suited for the purpose.

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